Many people have been involved in the Alderney Stones project. I would like to thank Eric Snell for his determination, energy, and passion for art and the Bailiwick. I very much enjoyed my initial visits to Guernsey and discussions with Eric, Joanna Littlejohns and Steve Eldridge.

Many people were involved form Alderney itself - in particular Roland Gauvain and Dorothy Christmas. Dorothy has given enormous time and commitment to the project. Without her it would never have happened.

The Stones could not have been made without the care, sensitivity and intelligence of Mark Jacobs and Sam Clayton. No one works harder, or more efficiently, than this pair.

My thanks to Tina Fiske who initially persuaded me to come to Alderney and has seen the project through to completion.

Andy Goldsworthy April 2011


Eric Snell - Founding Director of the Art and Islands Foundation

Joanna Littlejohns - Head of Arts Development, Guernsey Arts Commission. Project facilitator and advisor.

Steve Eldridge - Communications and Marketing Manager, HSBC Private Bank, Guernsey Financial support for initial research.

Mark Jacobs and Sam Clayton, Brute Force and Ignorance - project managers, construction, collection of materials, installation.

Tina Fiske, project advisor.

Dorothy Christmas - project co-ordinator on Alderney.

Roland Gauvain and the Alderney Wildlife Trust - for the use of premises at Essex Farm and equipment, as well as general support, advice and information regarding the island environment.

Assistance in the making of the Stones - Stewart Ogier, Paul Miller, Adam Barnes, James Lowe, Danny Harris, Robert Hunter, Holly Webster, Rebecca Bickerton, Alex Gordon- Jones, Sian Jones, Lauren Barnes, Ella Snell, Paddy Campbell, Keris Burt, Chris Tozer

Sid Boughton-Leigh - clay excavation.

Ian Tugby, Alan Curtis, Andrew Moore, Stuart Webster - transport and installation.

Island Scaffolding - construction of shelter at Fort Albert.

The States of Alderney for allowing use of Fort Albert as a place to make the Stones - agreeing to placement of Stones and general support of the project.

Jo Parmentier, States Marketing Manager - publicity.

Bruno Kay-Mouat and Alderney Shipping - packaging, shipping and advice

Julie Turner and Tim Birmingham, States Works Department - facilitation and advice.

The many supporters from the community of Alderney - including Rupert Street and Poppy Mellor, Paddy Campbell, Felicity Crump, Caroline Gauvain, Jacqueline Langridge, Peter Arnold, Stephen and Diana Mellor, Chris Rowley, John Beaman (States Member for Tourism), Liz Bennett (past States member), Richard Willmott (past States member), Moira Sleeman, Jane Aireton, Roberta Sargent, amongst many others

Allan Paton - pilot.

The Kay-Mouat family, Royston Raymond, and Trish Coleman for allowing the Stones to be placed on their land.

Mike Cox of Kiln farm for allowing and helping the placement of a Stone in his fields (including distraction of the resident bull).

Staff and students, Guernsey College of Further Education - Sandstones project.

Frances Jeens, Curator at the Alderney Museum.

Eric Sawden, Scottish studio manager.

Holly Goldsworthy, Richard Wall and Thomas Goldsworthy.

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HSBC, HSBC Private Bank
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